Saroda Saroda 100 Watt Solar Inverter With Radio, Bluetooth Mp3 Player Portable Solar Kit For Homes

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Key Features

Model No.: SP10-04

Product name: small set household solar panel kits


* Lighting

* Mobile phone charging

* Generator for small household appliances ≤ 100W

* Broadcasting function: FM radio + blue-tooth + SD card + USB music player


Battery capacity: 12V 7000mAh

Build-in inverter: DC 12V to AC 220V 100W

Input ports: 

* Solar input for 18V solar panel

* AC input for 16V 800mA adapter


Output ports:

* DC 12V for led bulb: 4 jacks

* DC 5V USB output: 2 ports

* AC 220V 100W: 1 socket


Indicator: A chaging indicator


Intelligent LED display:

1 led display to state the battery balance 

1 led display to state the FM channel


* Solar panel: 18V 10W polycrystalline with 3meters wire -1PC

* LED  bulb: 12V 5W – 3meter wire with an individule switch -2PCS

* USB cable: 10 in 1 USB cable -1PC

* Adapter: 16V 800mA adappter for city power charging

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Citing security reasons, couple of home owners and estate rules prohibit the use of generator till day break. Thus when grid light is unavailable, darkness cripples night activities. Maybe you just need to keep a few mobile devices charged, or needs lighting during a power outage, or you are on an outdoor trip,  the Saroda Solar System SP10-04 (12V 7Ah DC/AC 100W), with inverter function (1X 220V AC output 100W) and broadcasting function (FM RADIO & USB/SD & BLUETOOTH MP3 PLAYER); All-in-One is the way to go as the best intersection between form, function and mobility. When suddenly plunged into darkness due to power outage or stuck when your tablet & mobile phone is out of power,  SARODA Solar Panel Kit keeps darkness away and ensure your mobile devices does not run out of battery life.


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